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Golf Club: Why You Should Join One

Golfing at Golf Club

Unlike most sports, golf is a game where we can interact with each other, enjoy conversation as we play and build friendships. Joining a golf club is an ideal way to enjoy the sport you love and make friends along the way.

If you plan to join a golf club or a country club with golf membership and plenty of other amenities to enjoy, what are some things to consider?

Country club golf membership opens up the opportunity to play golf at an exclusive course. Some allow you to play regularly without having to pay individual green fees for each round while others offer a reduced rate. Without a membership, you may not be able to even play their courses so you are getting exclusive access. You are competing with fewer people to get a tee time.

Another benefit of being a member is the opportunity to develop friendships with other members. Many clubs also have a provision for inviting guests, allowing you to play with your regular playing partners. You’ll never have trouble finding a foursome for a great day on the course.

In addition to playing 9 or 18 holes, some clubs offer lessons or practice areas to improve your game. Clubs such as Bonita Bay Club have practice greens and driving ranges to keep you sharp. These benefits can also help you prepare for an upcoming tournament. Charity golf events are big in Southwest Florida and they’re fun for golfers of all skill levels and ages.

In many instances, a country club is more than just a golf course. It can be a place where you can enjoy other activities such as swimming and tennis. It is also a social hub where you can simply enjoy some food and drink with other members. It is a community environment where you can bring your family and take advantage of the facilities.

When considering golf club membership, take time to visit the club and see for yourself, perhaps playing the course as a guest before joining. Find out how many courses you are able to play as well. It might be worth it to travel a little further to get more courses to play and better amenities.

If the game of golf is a regular part of your life, country club membership is worth serious consideration. The golfing community is a welcoming one, and you can become an integral part of that as a country club member. To learn more about joining Bonita Bay Club, call 239-495-0200.

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