Make the Most of a New Club Membership

Joining a country club can be a big decision. It can also be intimidating at first to get involved but it’s important to remember everyone feels like that when they first join a new club. Here are some tips you can use in your first month to get involved and past those feeling.

Join new member events

Most Country Clubs host new member events or even new member orientations. This is the perfect place to start because everyone at the event will be new and experience the same feelings. This is a great place to introduce yourself and start conversations with other new members. Log into Bonita Bay Club’s website to view upcoming new member events.

Show up in style

At clubs, there is an expectation for appearance and many country clubs even have dress codes. Take the time to review the dress policy on a club’s website or in their handbook. If you have any questions about what’s appropriate don’t hesitate to ask. View Bonita Bay Club’s dress policy here


This can sometimes be easier said than done but most clubs set you up for success. Events are the perfect time to introduce yourself to new members and make friends. At Bonita Bay Club the membership director Stephanie Glasco would be more than happy to fill you in about upcoming events.

Bring family and friends

Clubs are a great place to bring family and friends. It can also be less intimidating to get to know a new club and its members when you have a familiar face by your side!

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