Bonita Springs City Council Approves Bonita Bay Club’s Innovative Employee Housing Plan

Bonita Bay Club (BBC) has received the green light from the Bonita Springs City Council to convert its old sales center into seasonal employee housing. This decision is a game-changer for BBC, enabling it to attract and house the talent vital to its continued success. The transformation includes creating rooms capable of accommodating up to 44 employees during the Club’s busiest seasons.

Addressing a Vital Need

This decision will address the pressing need for seasonal employee housing, a common challenge in the hospitality industry. Providing comfortable and cost-effective accommodations enhances the Member experience and staff recruitment efforts.

Positive Impact

The benefits of this project extend to both the Club and its employees:

  1. Improved Employee Experience
  2. Enhanced Talent Recruitment
  3. Boosted Club Reputation
  4. Cost-Efficiency

Read the Naples Daily News Article

For a more in-depth look at how this project will positively impact Bonita Bay Club, its employees, Members and the wider community, we recommend reading the article published by the Naples Daily News.

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