Hurricane Ian Update

Hurricane Ian Update

First and foremost, our thoughts and prayers are with all those in our greater community who have been affected by Hurricane Ian.

The Bonita Bay Club Staff mobilized immediately after the storm to position the Club for resumed services as soon as possible. We are pleased to report that two golf courses, half of the tennis and pickleball courts, dining, and the Lifestyle Center are back to normal operations.

Below is a report of the damages:

West Campus 

All of the Clubhouse, Racquets Building, Lifestyle Center, Pro Shop and Breezeway are in good shape and suffered minimum impact. The Cart Barn flooded but herculean efforts by Burton Adams (and his family), Dustin and Fred resulted in moving the carts to higher ground before the flooding.

Most of the tennis courts and much of the attendant lighting are in rough shape and will require substantial repair before they can be used. The pickleball courts are generally in better shape.


Our major issue, and it is quite significant, is that with some exception on Creekside, our course bridges have been rendered structurally undrivable, which will prevent us from being able to play on our Bay Island and Marsh courses until they can be replaced. Hal and EJ filmed a Golf Update where they brought Members around the courses to show some of the damages they are facing caused by Hurricane Ian.

Naples Campus 

We fared much better at the Naples Club, and after some general cleanup, it is back to normal operations.

We hope all residence are safe and coping as well as possible and please know that the BBC Staff is working tirelessly to get Bonita Bay Club up and running as soon as possible.

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