Peter Jacobsen: Life at Home at Bonita Bay

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Peter Jacobsen: Life at Home at Bonita Bay

After a rich and rewarding career on the PGA Tour, Peter Jacobsen has dropped his line at Florida’s Bonita Bay.

Anyone with even a fleeting interest in the PGA Tour for the last, say, 45 years, will know that Jake Trout is the stage name of Peter Jacobsen. He got it back in the ’80s when—already known as the Tour’s funnyman, Mr. Nice Guy, and frequent sidekick to Arnold Palmer—he played guitar and headlined a garage band called Jake Trout and the Flounders with fellow pros the late Payne Stewart, Larry Rinker, and Mark Lye.

And those same folks certainly won’t be surprised to learn that when “nobody wanted to sing so they pushed me out there,” Jacobsen took to the microphone like a—what else?—fish to water.

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